Horan Sounds is a live music production and booking agency based in Paris, working on traditional music projects from Central Asia, Near Eastern countries and Iran.


live stream

Horan Sounds offers exclusive live-streamed concerts of Iranian music to festivals and music halls around the world. The sound/image and transmission quality makes it possible to stream the show for online audiences or to screen it in a live festival. 

The COVID-19 crisis has once again highlighted the fragility of the cultural sectors, especially live performance arts. Many festivals and tours have been cancelled or postponed and many artists are under lockdown at home behind closed borders. Nobody really knows how long this situation might last, but all agree that the world in the aftermath won’t be the same as before, hopefully in a better way.

Promoters and agents who work with emerging non-Western artists know that Covid-19 crisis is only an additional obstacle to many other issues they face when arranging performances and tours, including visa restrictions, political problems or aging artists with health conditions. For countries like Iran these obstacles are multiplied. 

These difficulties have pushed us to find new solutions for bands that cannot leave the country. One of these solutions on which we are working since 2019 is Streaming live shows from Iran.

The technical and legal basis of this new project is ready and Horan Sounds can provide every festivals and music halls around the world exclusive high quality live-streamed concerts of Iranian music, performing either in the artist’s place or a professional venue. 

Live-stream concerts could also offer promoters a bigger panel of artists and bands (sometimes not easily reachable in a country) and could make production expenses more affordable. 

This new service includes not only the Horan Sounds roster bands, but also any other Iran-based bands of any style.

We believe firmly that the live performance is a unique and irreplaceable experience and all efforts should be maintained to support artists’ mobility, no matter where they live.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about the conditions and fees.