Horan Sounds is a live music production and booking agency based in Paris, working on traditional music projects from Central Asia, Near Eastern countries and Iran.


Santur player


Ahmad Rezakhah is a Santur player and composer who lives in Tehran. Graduated from Art university of Tehran, he now teaches at the same university. His research works are basically  focused on classical styles of Santur playing.

He learned playing Santur with Pashang Kamkar, Madjid Kiani and Dariush Talai and studied composition with Paivar, Meshkatian and Motabasem. Rezakhah’s compositions are based on inherited principles of the classical music, trying to avoid the deficiencies of current trends. He attempts to make use of successful experiences in Iranian music in order to create new works of arts. As musician and composer, he participated in several live and recording projects in Iran and the other countries.

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