Horan Sounds is a live music production and booking agency based in Paris, working on traditional music projects from Central Asia, Near Eastern countries and Iran.


Qeychak player and singer


Bahar Modiri is a Tehran-based Iranian Qeychak player and singer. She started learning Piano with André Moradian at the age of thirteen. Later she learned Violon with Amir Mino-Sepehr and Qeychak (alto) with Reza Âbâï and Ardeshir Kamkâr . At the same time she started working on Iranian singing technics with Najmeh Tajadod and Gholamreza Rezâï.

She has been very appreciated and active in the Iranian national and international stages because of her notable performing capacities, playing at the same time in Iranian big orchestras such as Hamid Motebassem and Madjid Derakhshani’s ensembles and many other smaller projects.

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