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Ney player


Ehsan Abedi is an Iranian Ney and Tombak player who lives in Tehran. He started learning music when he was 12 and later he completed his musical education with musicians like Reza Rabiei, Abdolnaqi Afsharnia, Jamshid Andalibi, M. Ali Hadadian and Arash Mohafez. He graduated from Tehran Art University in Iranian music studies, writing his thesis about the Ney playing methods in the Qajar period (18th and 19th).

He contributed to various live and recording projects such as Mahan, Pirouzan, Sepehr-khani and Ajam-lar (An Anthology of pieces composed by Persian composers and their contemporaries at the Ottoman court).

Thanks to his curiosity for different Ney playing methods in the neighboring countries and during other periods, Ehsan Abdei has developed his personal style, with a remarkable capacity of modal transition and improvisation.

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