Horan Sounds is a live music production and booking agency based in Paris, working on traditional music projects from Central Asia, Near Eastern countries and Iran.


Kamancheh player


Elmira Mardeneh is a Kamancheh player living in Tehran. At a very young age, she started learning Tombak with Alireza Fotouhi, Alireza Shahrokhshahi and Peyman Nasehpour. Later, at the age of 11 she started learning Kamancheh with Mohammad Moghadassi, then with Samer Habibi, Ardeshir Kamkar and Shervin Mohajer, and music analysis with Siamak Jahangiri.

She has a bachelor degree of Iranian language and literature. Elmira Mardaneh has participated in several live and recording projects and won the first prize for her soloist performance in the young musician’s section of the International Fajr Music Festival in 2004 and 2008.

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